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January 2016

If you should wish to write to our Director of Customer Service, write to Peter Chang here.



        It is our great joy and fulfillment to finally get time to write to you, after many months of victories and more victories going on seven days a week, with rivers and waterfalls of amazing new knowledge flowing in, dozens of powerful new alliances appearing, transformations of our already world class state-of-the-art documents, building on our already 100% success rate with new systems to greatly accelerate that success for each of you materializing more easily, and much, much more.


 We are gifted this year with a lot more strength, which is powerfully upholding and expanding our 100% success rate:

?  Our Liberty dispute letter has been vastly improved, additional letters and documents have been added to the system, and much new information has come to our attention, including laws we didn't know about before -- which have now been incorporated into our set of Liberty documents.  New strategies for making it much less likely that a customer will get sued, have been integrated into the system, as well as new components to make Experian, Transunion, and Equifax maintain favorable credit reporting on our customers.

?  In addition, we now have several new Victory Statements on our website.  In case you haven't seen them, look on the home page on the left panel under where it says "Proof that Debt Elimination Works".  You will see that one of them is from the IRS . . . clearly showing "Cancellation of Debt".  This is absolute proof.

?  We have new staff, a new affiliate system, many new affiliates, new affiliate marketing resources in the back office, a new Liberty document set, a new LinkedIn system, a new Help Desk Ticket system, new legal resources, new payment methods, new Liberty Victory statements, a new Liberty flow chart, a new PowerPoint presentation, new videos to watch, and much more.  We have a LOT of new things developing

?  We are preparing to open up the Liberty debt cancellation to Canadians!

?  We have also added a new component for Liberty customers that teaches how to receive money for collector calls so that whenever a Liberty customeer is in the process of cancelling the debt and starts getting those annoying collection phone calls, our system will show how to take this to court and win $500 or more for each one of those calls.  Inquire with Peter Chang, Director of Customer Service here

We have learned a lot about how to make the basic letters and administrative process more powerful and effective.  Thus the Liberty system is a LOT stronger now than it was in the beginning of 2015.  We have actually been coming out with various additions and revisions just about every month of 2015.  The latest most revised version is a lot more likely to prevent lawsuits and to accelerate decisive wins for our customers.

We are in negotiations to bring into La Vérité a whole new debt cancellation system.  The less expensive do-it-yourself Liberty system for $450 will continue to be available, especially now that it has been massively upgraded; but we plan to also offer the alternative choice of a more expensive system that works much faster, gets the attention of the right people in the pretender lender institution, is more decisive, gets confirmed in writing, protects the credit score along the way, absolutely prevents getting sued, wins awards for damages for each client in the tens of thousands of dollars, and is all done for you by a team of experts.  Both Liberty and this new system have 100% success rates, but Liberty takes longer, involves a lot more work, often doesn't get read by the right people in the pretender lender institutions, and sometimes fails to prevent the erroneous blemishing of one's credit score.

We have identified two of the best credit repair services in America.  For those whose credit scores have declined, for reasons justified or not, these services can get that quickly repaired and bring your credit score back up to a high level.

legal-team   NEW LEGAL TEAM!

In the process, we have formed a powerful Legal Resources Team.  We are now frequently in communication, almost daily, with a few of the best legal minds in America, one of whom is a most amazing non-attorney lawyer who has never lost a case.  And so the few of our customers who have been sued, now have the benefit of this new knowledge and these new unbeatable legal professionals.  Some cases have been dismissed, and others are still in process, but NONE OF THEM HAVE LOST.  We expect to never allow any of our customers to lose.  We will go on providing state-of-the-art legal strategies until they win.

With the fabulous legal talent now in our Legal Resources Team brain trust, it is extremely unlikely that any of our customers who get taken to court will ever get railroaded into judgment.  This is because these genius lawyers know how to force the opponents to either disqualify themselves and dismiss, or answer what is in the Liberty dispute letters . . . which they cannot do.  They know court procedure.  We always knew legal truths, but it's not enough to know legal truths.  One must also know court procedure.  So now we have that strength on our team.

In case you haven’t already, click on the “
Legal Resources La Vérité Legal Team” icon above.  (It is also on the home page of the website in the lower left.)


La Vérité is now offering credit repair for Americans.  This service removes ALL NEGATIVE MARKS AT ALL 3 CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies) except for student loans and unpaid child support.  That includes charge offs, past dues, payday loan negative marks, tax liens, court judgments, and even bankruptcies.  This is one of the fastest credit repair systems in the country.  The processing time is only 30 - 90 days, with guaranteed results within that time, except for larger debt amounts, which can take longer. This credit repair process can work DURING (parallel to) the Liberty debt elimination process.  For further information, contact http://www.tuvrtl.icu/la-verite-credit-repair-program.


        A House of Freedom trust is exempt from income tax and has no filing requirements, so it never files tax returns.  It is easy to make one's business or one's investment income tax exempt by moving them into the trust.  But what about employees?  The salaries of employees can be transferred to the trust if the employer agrees to it.  The employee would continue doing the same work for the same pay.  The only difference is that the employer would make the salary payable to the trust rather than the individual.  The employer would have to replace the employee contract with an independent contractor agreement.  Then depending on the role one is playing in the trust (settlor, beneficiary, manager, trustee, etc.), arrangements can possibly be made in about one hour of paperwork, at no cost, for the independent contractor to have his or her personal bills paid by the trust.

        This entirely legal and ethical re-routing of the salary through an exempt entity is similar to the example given by Judge Learned Hand in Washington D.C.  He said there is a toll bridge across the Potomac River, but a few miles down the river there is another bridge that charges no toll.  He said anyone is free to cross the free bridge rather than cross the toll bridge.  It is entirely the choice of the driver.  In the same way, it is entirely our choice as to whether to channel our commerce through an exempt entity or not.

house of freedom trust

        One of America's Top 4 nationwide interstate banking institutions has a branch in a small town in California that has always said "yes" to clients of House of Freedom trusts who wish to open accounts.  Likewise, a smaller regional Pacific Northwest bank has always said "yes" to welcoming our trusts as well.  In fact, we know of no House of Freedom client who has failed to find a financial institution somewhere that would open accounts for these trusts.  In any case, if you are a House of Freedom client and wish to know about the banks in California and the Pacific Northwest, write to Peter Chang, Director of Customer Service here


        Are you holding certain foreign currencies waiting for the global currency reset so you can cash them in at the revalued rate?  If the Treasury takes a uniform tax rate off the top of the entire pool, then that cannot be avoided.  But you most certainly CAN make the currency exempt from individual assessment for capital gains.

        One correspondent wrote, "
I have information through a trusted business partner who personally knows a senior IRS auditor who specializes in auditing Trusts. The auditor says that Trusts with very large sums of money conveyed into them, and an execution date (start date) AFTER the RV date will with a high degree of certainty be audited. His reason is simple: "Large sums of money with no track record DO raise flags in the IRS Systems.  They also know that thousands of Trusts have already been set up, and they see bank accounts opening with small balances.  They understand that this is in anticipation of the RV.  According to the IRS, THIS is the expected and preferred way to deal with the windfall post RV.

        Did you understand what this is saying?  It is saying that if you have your trust execution (start) date BEFORE the RV, you won’t be audited.  You will be audited only if you start the trust AFTER the RV and then put large amounts of money into it.  Then ask us for the "
Template - Exchange of Foreign Currency to Trust - Beneficiary" or "Template - Exchange of Foreign Currency to Trust - Trustee only" (depending on what role you are playing in the trust).  Peter Chang in Customer Service can provide this document to you.  Click


        Please watch and share these 3 films below about how private banks create the money they loan you WITH INTEREST attached out of thin air, while you give blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it back

1. The American Dream Film:

2. The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind:

The Truth about the Federal Reserve and Banks:

  smiley face  
STOCK MARKET REPORT - Humor from Swami Beyondananda

         o    Helium was up, feathers were down.
o    Paper was stationary.
o    Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
o    Knives were up sharply.
o    Cows steered into a bull market. Pencils lost a few points.
o    Hiking equipment was trailing.
  Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline.
o    Weights were up in heavy trading.
o    Light switches were off.
o    Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
o    Diapers remain unchanged.
        o     Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.
        o     The market for raisins dried up.
o    Coca cola fizzled.
o    Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.
o    Sun peaked at midday.
o    Balloon prices were inflated.
    Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.


        For customers of the Liberty debt cancellation system who are receiving calls from collection agencies, we now have a FREE new powerful addition to the Liberty system -- "How to Collect Monetary Awards for Collector Calls".  This set of documents shows how to collect $500, $1000, or more PER CALL.  Existing Liberty customers are welcome to contact Peter Chang, our Director of Customer Service here, to request this set of documents via email.  Future Liberty customers will have the set automatically included in their download of documents at their purchase of the Liberty system.


        Do you host meetings?  Participate in conference calls?  Have contacts in radio or other media?  La Vérité can offer Founder and Benefactor Taansen Fairmont as a Speaker.  See the Speaker Profile of Taansen Fairmont at http://www.tuvrtl.icu/speaker-profile


        We at La Vérité wish to Thank You for being an Affiliate!  Marketing freedom technologies is the wave of the future.  Please know that the information you will be giving your referrals will lead them to the state-of-the-art of freedom technologies.  Our Liberty Debt Elimination System has been liberating thousands of people from debts, and still has no failures.  Our House of Freedom trusts go on protecting people’s assets and have had no legal or commercial problems.  They have freed people from filing income tax returns and paying income tax, and they have continued to be honored by the government and by business and banking.

        You receive $103 commission on every $450 sale, USD, and, you will also have a $250 commission on every trust your referrals purchase.  The trust works in all countries . . . it is not limited by region.   And, it is a 2-level system, so that all the people you refer who become affiliates also earn you an override of $27 on each Liberty purchase and $62.50 on each House of Freedom purchase made by the referrals of the affiliates you have in your group.


        Our website, conference calls, radio shows, and other resources do the selling for you.  Find out how to advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.  Check out our latest Affiliate Training Module - Now ALL Affiliates can get started!  http://www.tuvrtl.icu/affiliate-training-module-01

        Call our Manager of Affiliates, Lawrence Wilson, and ask him to give you the Grand Tour of the back office . . . so you can see all the treasures of marketing resources you have available -- 1-323-739-7986.  Or Click here.

        For example, do you have a website?  Have you posted one of our banners on it?  Do you need traffic?  You can subscribe to a software that can drive traffic to you. www.webfire.com/a/?id=23735&sid=affnewsletter.

        You can now share our program on Facebook and Twitter with your affiliate marketing link built-in. See the section of your Affiliate Back Office that looks like this:



outreach proposal  OUTREACH PROPOSAL

To expand our La Vérité trust and debt elimination customer base, do you know of any radio shows, conference calls, or written publications with large audiences that are focused on freedom-oriented topics such as solutions to debts and taxes, or even types of harmoniously compatible topics, that might like to have our speaker Taansen Fairmont appear in exchange for some of the revenue from the sales?

You could receive a nice passive income for merely making the introduction.  The way this would work is:

1.   You introduce us to a media contact who has a large postal mailing list, or email list, or radio audience, conference call audience, or other form of mass communication in the United States. 

2.   We would give that party a free affiliate position with La Vérité, under you, so that you would get the overrides.

3.   Then Taansen would speak on that party's show, or write whatever that party wishes to put in print.  All they would do is host him or publish what he gives them.

(La Vérité is not an MLM, as you know, but our affiliate system does pay on two levels, just like insurance or real estate agents who get an override when another agent they referred makes a sale.  This means you would get an automatic override on 100% of the sales generated by Taansen’s message appearing to, or being heard by, the audience of the host to whom you introduce us.  This means you would hopefully know someone at the media source in question, and could arrange a telephone introduction, and not just tell us to go contact them on our own.)

  Then, for every Liberty debt elimination system their audience buys for $450, the hosting party receives an automatic commission (tracked by computer) of $103.50, and your override will be $27.  Likewise, for every House of Freedom trust their audience buys for $2500, the hosting party receives an automatic commission of $250, and you receive an override of $62.50.  Or if you have your own audience or medium of publicity, you can get the first level commissions yourself.

We pay commissions twice a month.  This can result in thousands of dollars in passive income per month for you and for the hosting party.  It did just that with a few affiliates earlier this year.  In other words, the promise we are making here, is not mere theory . . . it has already happened just like that with a few other affiliates earlier this year.   Whether you have your own audience or introduce us to someone who does, in either case, we can make you commissionable in this way.

So do you know of any radio shows, conference calls, or written publications with large audiences that are focused on freedom-oriented topics such as solutions to debts and taxes, or even types of harmoniously compatible topics, that might like to have our speaker Taansen Fairmont?


        Two police officers are having coffee and chatting about their new recruits.
        "You won't believe how dumb my new constable is," says one.  "Oh, I bet mine is worse than yours," says the other.
        So the first officer calls his constable.  He comes in and salutes, "Yes, sir!"
        "Here is a dollar, go and buy me a Rolls Royce." "Yes, sir!" says the constable and he goes out.
         "That's nothing," says the other officer, and he calls his constable.  "Go immediately to my house and see if I am there." 
        "Yes, sir!" says the constable and he goes out.
        The two constables meet in the corridor and one says, "Boy, you won't believe how dumb my officer is.  He gave me a dollar to buy him a Rolls Royce.  Doesn't he know it is Sunday and the shops will be closed?"
         "That's nothing," says the other.  "My officer told me to go to his house and see if he is there.  Can't he just make a phone call himself?"

 Your web links are your keys to success.  These are also called URLs (Universal Resource Locators), otherwise known as the website address.  As a prestigious La Verite Affiliate, it is ONLY through your referrals clicking on YOUR UNIQUE LINKS that you can be automatically computer-tracked as being commissionable.  Hence is is imperative NOT to give out merely "www.tuvrtl.icu", but YOUR COMPLETE AND UNIQUE Affiliate link with the extension at the end. If you fail to give your affiliate link to your referrals, and make sure they use them, we cannot be responsible for your not getting credited the commission.

         IMPORTANT:  URLs are case sensitive.  Your link is all lower case.  Be sure to keep it that way, or else your site won't come up.

         By default, our system is designed to give you a unique link with random numbers and symbols in it.  It may look something like this:  www.tuvrtl.icu/#oid=8719_5 .  But that is kind of complicated, especially if you were to read it out to someone on the phone, in a conference call, on the radio, or on a video.

        How much better it would be if you put your personal name in it, or the name of your company, or a favorite concept!  For example, you could create URLs like:

If you want a words-of-choice URL instead of a random numbers-and-symbols URL, which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, then in the back office, click on the "resource menu item" and click on "Format your affiliate link". You will get two (2) links -- one for Liberty debt cancellation and one for House of Freedom trusts. 

  • Click Here for Video Instructions on using Linkguard to protect your Affiliate links.
  • Click Here for Video Instructions on using Linkguard to protect your Affiliate links and track where the clicks or impressions came from. Did the clicks come from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Google+, Linkedin etc.Affiliate should upload our videos to YouTube, Facebook and Google+ as part of their Internet Marketing tasks. Links to videos, images and pdfs are in your backoffice.
Let us know if this video is not clear. Contact here. We will get right back to you.
I f you do not have a website Click Here. Again, contact us if you have questions.



        An article is available for you to email to your people at this link:

http://www.tuvrtl.icu/blog/Fastest_and_Easiest_Debt_Elimination_plus_Legal_Tax Avoidance.doc

        FIRST, though, BE SURE TO REPLACE THE GENERIC URL WITH YOUR CUSTOM LINK.  If you have used Microsoft Word, you know to do this by clicking in the upper right on "Replace".  In the "Find" blank, put "www.tuvrtl.icu".  In the "Replace with" blank, put your custom link for debt elimination.  Then click on "Replace All".  Similarly, do another one for the trust link.  In the "Find" blank, put "house-of-freedom-trust.com".  In the "Replace with" blank, put your custom link for House of Freedom trusts.  Then click on "Replace All".  Then Save the document in your files.

        For emails, it is best to simply copy and paste the text into the body of an email, rather than sending the document as an attachment.  If there is someone to whom you really wish to send it as an attachment, it is best to convert it to Adobe Acrobat pdf first.  If you ever need help in converting to or from pdf, see www.smallpdf.com.

        You can also post it on your website, if you have one. 

done-for-you    DONE FOR YOU – Think like a CEO! 
If you want the work involved in Internet marketing to be done for you, click here: http://www.tuvrtl.icu/replaceyourself-biz-on-autopilot


head1gif head2 head3gif 

        Protonmail in Switzerland is one of the best, most impervious, most impenetrable encrypted email services on the planet.  You may want to get an address there, but it could take a month or two, because there is so much demand that they don't have enough server space.  If you request the invitation now, it will put you into the queue, the line, for receiving an invitation to have an account as soon as they have expanded their server space sufficiently.  There is no fee or cost.  The link is https://protonmail.ch/invite to sign up for being in line for the invitation.

If you're interested in descriptive background info about it, you can see the article "
The Only Email System The NSA Can't Access" from Forbes at this link.  It was also published by The Sovereign Investor at this link.  The service is as trustworthy as Iceland's unseen.is, but is more user friendly and easy to use.

        As you may know, with services like that, the emails you send from it are only non-interceptible if you send them to another Protonmail address.  Likewise, the emails you receive at your Protonmail address are only non-interceptible if you receive them from another Protonmail address.


pope         Pope Francis Declares International Year of Jubilee
                                            Beginning Dec 8, 2015; Odious debt was forgiven!
Interesting article at http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/04/pope-francis-declares-international-year-of-jubilee-beginning-december-8-2015-3136020.html

By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

End The Fed Movement in Germany

Chase Bank Ordered to Stop Collecting on 528,000 Accounts – Pay $50 Million to Consumers

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 47 States and D.C. Take Action Against JPMorgan Chase for Selling Bad Credit Card Debt and Robo-Signing Court Documents

The truth about the law - banks lend money they create out of thin air

Chase Bank and Bank of America Sanctioned by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
         - - “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau really went after the banks in 2015 for their illegal collection tactics, including fining and ordering Chase Bank and Bank of America to pay refunds to consumers.” - - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahHuxGMiAO8

The Debt Strike as Credible Threat
(pdf email attachment available upon request - - email: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Bill in U.S. House of Representatives to End the Income Tax
House Joint Resolution 104 proposes to end the individual federal income tax:

Four Superior Court Judges Unite to Ignite $279 Trillion Lien Against Cabal -

Banker Admits in Court that Banks Actually Loan Nothing -

Putin's 2016 New Year Speech: 'I'm Going to Defeat the Illuminati'



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